Building Highly Scalable ADC Clusters Using BGP Equal-Cost Multi-Path Routing

Application delivery infrastructure resources are increasingly strained. The new features in modern Application Delivery Controllers along with the demands for SSL to comply with search engine ranking algorithms are major contributors to the problem. It means organizations have to find ways to scale their ADCs. But do they scale up? Or scale out? And how?.
Join us for this live webinar to discover:
  • The drivers for the requirement of scalable application delivery infrastructure like SSL adoption and expanding ADC feature sets
  • The pitfalls and limits of vertically scaling your ADC
  • How you can use equal-cost multi-path (ECMP) routing to horizontally (and nearly infinitely) scale your ADC
  • How to use Route Health Injection (RHI) to ensure availability of your ADC cluster
  • Examples of organizations who have accomplished this with HAProxy


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